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Managing cross-thoughts when using WhizFolders outline software for writers

As a Writer, you should be able to make a Quick Outline of your draft and fill the text later as you proceed with your writing

If so far you have only used a word processor for writing and outlining, you have missed a lot. A Tree List is a better and faster outlining tool for writers.

WhizFolders is a Writer's Outliner and Organizer with features to boost your creativity as a writer

Outline faster in a Tree List. Move outline items easily with drag and drop and move buttons.

Capture a cross-thought easily in a different part of tree list and mark it with a color or icon to work on it later.

Keep Rich Text with pictures and links.

Ramp up your research by inserting links to your own notes and referenced Web articles.

What's the main idea of using WhizFolders for creative writing? Instead of writing large text, write smaller text pieces as notes in a list that only shows titles.

The compact, outlined list of titles lets you quickly review an outline containing hundreds of items. What is more, you can print a merged draft of notes anytime.

The list is hierarchical. You can make it more compact by collapsing some branches.

Such a tree list of titles helps you locate any note as long as it is properly placed in the hierarchy.

With WhizFolders as a Writer's Outliner, you become adept at breaking large text into smaller notes and printing them later as a finished, merged draft.

Here is why that gives you unprecedented productivity in any kind of writing, thinking and learning. 

Any complex information becomes manageable when broken in pieces. This is the main idea in using any Outline Software or Outliner.

The mere act of putting each note in its proper place in the tree list gives you a deeper understanding of what you are writing or learning.

And this understanding improves as you revise the notes in the hierarchy, adding, discarding or moving notes.

This is called "Outlining." See how the Outlining becomes an easy to understand 3-step procedure when using the List in WhizFolders Outliner.  

Small Video Clip, less than a minute. Click to play.

In WhizFolders Outliner, the 3 outlining steps for writing become simpler because you prepare the outline as a list.

1. Add your ideas and thoughts as items in a Hierarchical List as shown in the picture.

2. Add the text content of each item in the right pane. The content is Rich Text (RTF) with images and links. The links can go to other outline items or to external content.

3. Refine your outline by rearranging the items--their order and levels, by drag and drop or by easy move buttons.

Repeat the above steps till you are happy with your draft.

Print the final merged draft anytime. You can even export it as RTF and edit further in Microsoft Word.

Further, the list helps you capture all kinds of thoughts and ideas as and when they occur. 

WhizFolders Outline Software
Managing cross-thoughts when using WhizFolders outline software for writers

How do you cope with cross-thoughts or ideas that occur when writing or taking down notes? This is another advantage of WhizFolders Outline Software that doubles up for use as a Notes Organizer.

Cross-thoughts are often ignored if you are using a text editor or word processor. It's cumbersome to interrupt your writing, make a new file to note down an idea and remember where you put it.

But cross-thoughts originate from the subconscious mind that mulls over various problems. They are too precious to ignore and are the source of all creativity.

In WhizFolders Outliner, you can quickly note down such new thoughts in the same or a different Tree List. Let me show you an example.

I was researching Charts and making notes on them in WhizFolders Outliner with examples and pictures from the Internet.

After a while, I switched to another tab to continue writing a long software guide.

Suddenly a cross-thought popped in my mind--"Polar chart." I vaguely recalled reading about it.

I searched Google and found the Wikipedia page describing it. I could quickly switch to "Chart notes" to add the "Polar chart."

I have recreated this scenario in the accompanying video clip. Notice how WhizFolders pastes the source Location when I paste the text from Internet.

Next I will show you why WhizFolders Outliner should be your favorite learning tool. 

Small Video Clip, less than a minute. Click to play.

WhizFolders Outliner should become your favorite learning tool. Try it next time you learn something, especially from an Ebook.

Take a look at these notes that I made from several books on Copywriting.

The Tree List becomes my custom Table of Contents.

The notes are outlined in an order that makes more sense to me. This is not the same as the book's original table of contents.

Also notice how I have highlighted certain notes with an icon or a different color.

One of the items "Link to Article" with the Earth icon is a direct link to a web site. You can also insert links going to other related notes.

Now let's print a book of notes from WhizFolders and see why it is unique as an Outline Software for Writers. 

Small Video Clip, less than a minute. Click to play.

You can print your notes with an automatic Table of Contents made up from the List of notes.

Here is a video clip that shows printing of the Help--Tutorial Notes file from WhizFolders Outliner.

Printing is done to a PDF file by using PrimoPDF printer.

Instead of printing all notes, you can just print some selected notes too.

Similarly, you can export your notes to an RTF file with indentation preserved.

Find more features listed later.

Small Video Clip, less than a minute. Click to play.

Testimonials that say it all

"As published author of two no-fiction business books, I have for many years a note capturing, RFT editing suite, random topic arranger, outliner, etc. This after finding OneNote and others not satisfactory. The program that works for me is WhizFolders. The company has kept up with changing technology but not to the extent of veering from the mission to satisfy writers and researchers."

"I mainly use WhizFolders for writing. I work in a specialized healthcare field. For this I use WhizFolders to write technical analyses, government compliance manuals, grant and project proposals, compliance reports and investigations. For the latter category in particular (compliance reports and investigations) I find that the 'templates' feature is invaluable. Templates improve a report or investigation's thoroughness and insure that all aspects are addressed. They also insure a uniformity across all investigations and reports. This not only looks more professional but allows for easier analysis across reports."

See more testimonials from users.

Features as outline software


The features page lists all the features of WhizFolders as Outline Software, including the Advanced Outlining features.

Please go to the Features page to have a look.

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